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Why we don't do dark shirts one at a time.

Our shirt printing process is called "Direct to garment" or DTG.

The direct process cannot be applied to dark garments . Dark material does not accept ink.

Think about placing a black paper in your ink jet printer and trying to print on it.

Putting a design on a dark shirt can be done but it requires a special process similar to silk screening. (There are DTG printers available for dark colors- see note below)

The process for light color shirts is this: Light shirts are basically a 2 step process. After creating the design in the computer and sending it to the printer:

1. The design is printed directly on the material. All colors are applied at the same time with the same process as your ink jet printer.
The material must be able to absorb ink. Poly does not work. Bamboo or 50/50 Cotton/Poly works.

2. After printing, the garment is placed in a heat press to seal the design. Light shirts are basically a 2 step process.

Printing on dark shirts is a 5 step process

1. Pre-spray: Each area to be printed must be sprayed separately. (Front, Back, Sleeve) with a pre-treat fluid.

2. Cure: Each spray must be cured by drying in a heat press or other method.

3. First print: Each area printed is done separately with white ink. This layer is on top of the garment like silk screening.

4. Final print: Each area of garment is then printed with any color(s) on top of the white.

5. Final cure: Each area of garment is then heat pressed.

DTG printers that print on dark colors have white ink that is applied on top of the garment as described above and can do one shirt at a time unlike silk screening that requires a quantity to be cost effective. The problem with these printers is the extra steps as noted above and the extra maintenance required. The white ink is difficult to keep from drying out and clogging the delivery system. If you have used "white out" you know how fast it drys. Even though called DTG, the process for dark shirts is applied "Direct" but is not "Absorbed".


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