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Now available - Tees for Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)
Send us your QSL (or a link to it on the web) (or any graphic**)
And we will print it on a shirt like the samples below

Also note the special "Net" shirts on this page

Custom orders for special events

Special prices for Fund raisers

Prices below include shirt and one print front or back. Second print add $5

No color charges, no setup charge for simple graphics

This is a 2 sided print with a QSL card**
with name & call on front, QSL card on back
Font can be any available in Windows
Basic cost $21 each S-XL, white

This is a 1 side print
with the QSL card on the front. It can be on the front or back.
Basic cost $16 each
S-XL, white

This is the natural color
Basic cost $16
Other Colors & sixes
Are higher cost
Request quote

Mouse Pads Also Available
with any graphic
$10 each

Below are some possible variations on customizing your design in white, ash or natural

These tees are available in white or natural (light tan) minimum quantity 1
Other colors or styles quoted by request
See this page for an explanation about printing on dark colors
These are high quality 6.1 oz pre-shrunk tees
The printing is permanently inked into the shirt & lasts longer than silk screening
with no cracking or peeling
Printed one side are $16 each. Printed front & back $21 each including shirt.
No setup charges- no color change charges- no extra charges except shipping
Shipping/handling is $5 for one or 2 shirts (US only). Quantities of 3 or more will be determined as requested.
Order via e-mail to BsEmbroidery at Yahoo.com or click the link below
Payment required in advance by Phone Credit card, check or money order.
Note: Shirts with call signs will only be made for licensed hams as registered at hamcall.net/ or fcc.gov/Uls
The ham does not need to be the applicant. These may be ordered as gifts.

Options: Call or e-mail for pricing
Printing can be done on any light colored tee shirt or polo.
Printing can be done on any flat material like mouse pads, quilt blocks, etc.
Must be at least 50% cotton with no coatings (ie:spot resistant)
Printing cannot be done on Dark colors.
See these web pages to look at a variety of shirts available
http://www.4logowearables.com/bsembroidery and http://www.companycasuals.com/BsEmbroidery
Or go back to our home page & see the variety available

** Does not have to be a QSL card. These are shown as samples only
Any graphic can be printed on front or back. E-mail your graphic or completed design for a quote.


Click here to see our embroidery samples

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