Located in Pahrump, Nevada - Between Las Vegas & Death Valley
at 4401 N. Leslie St. Open Tuesday-Friday 9-5 (Monday, Saturday by appointment)
Phone 775-727-9444

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Additional samples of our printing work

Click here to see our embroidery samples

We put your photo or graphics on shirts, bags, quilt pieces, blankets, etc.

Disclaimer: These are actual shirts created for customers, not sold as retsail items.

If you find any that you find offensive or do not want displayed, please e-mail us.

Proud Marine

More Bowlers

Oh Yeah

Yeah - they are bowlers

1 cat can make 2,423,316 cats
in 8 years

Good Humor

More Humor

Lets Advertise the cause

Good Humor

More humor

Funny to all but them

You believe this?

Cactus font

For bike lovers

Gotta love it

Company logo

Fall Festival Vendor

Another company logo

Add some humor to your logo

Sports uniforms

More sports

Show your affiliations

Mouse Pad
or Shirt

40th Birthday

More Bowlers

More bowlers

Another memory

For his 50th party

Another business

A second hand store in Pahrump

Doesn't need to be fancy-
big letters
stand out

Adult shirt logo

Shirts for the kids

Another bowling team

Put your name on the front of the shirt with your logo

Portable Wall Climbing

A souvenir

Souvenir with photo
The image on the left was created to put on special cloth and sized to fit in an 8x10 frame making a picture for mounting as a memorial to family members

Put on a child's shirt. Simple but using a special font that looks like a marker

The logo on the left was designed as an embroidery file and converted to a printed file that looks embroidered.

This allows printing a large image inexpensively.

Sewing this image in embroidery would be costly.

For memories

My Cardiologists

Our local TV station

Chef Gino

This flag design is for a right sleeve on a military uniform. We printed this on a shirt sleeve & it looks embroidered

And this was printed on the left sleeve

For VW lovers

This was printed using the entire embroidery file

This was printed replacing the lettering with a similar font

Front design

Back Design
This student was told he would graduate when pigs fly. He DID!

Another embroider design that was printed on the back

Easy to scan a logo & add a phone number

Do you like racing?

Add some humor

I taught here for many years

And this was printed on the front. To embroider this requires 2 hoopings but prints in one pass.

Take a photo & put it on a shirt

Express yourself

Another Photo
put on a shirt

Add a map

Easy to print. Impossible to embroider

Customer design- this went on the front & the donkey on the back.

Customer asked for it- We don't discriminate

Local Band

Local racing

Celebrate home

Political statement

Another wall climber

There was story behind this

Local Chiropractor

An embroidery file but printed

Local Contractor

Music group

For the members

For a butterfly lover

Front - 1st design

Back- 1st design

Front- 2nd design

Back- 2nd design
Name changed for privacy

Family photo preserved

Photo on a mouse pad

Another Mouse Pad

Must have one for

each twin

Simple but effective

Preserve the memory

Scare your opponent

True statement

Big Ego



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