Located in Pahrump, Nevada - Between Las Vegas & Death Valley
at 4401 N. Leslie St. Open Tuesday-Friday 9-5 (Monday, Saturday by appointment)
Phone 775-727-9444

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Samples of our Embroidery

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We put your design on shirts, bags, quilt pieces, blankets, etc.
We do our own digitizing in house plus we have over 40,000 stock designs.
We can digitize your existing design or create a new one for you.
Some of the designs shown below are original, some use stock designs and some are modified.
Note that most of the designs are shown on the background that it was sewn on.
The pictures are shown small to ease viewing quickly and represent the variety we have done.
The sizes shown here do not represent the actual sewout size. Some are small left chest designs
and others are large jacket back size. Some have been done as both large and small.
Designs that use only lettering such as names on bowling shirts are not included.
If you have an idea, please e-mail your idea to us for a quote.
Please be aware that any copyrighted designs require approval of the owner
Before they can be sewn.
Our original designs are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.



























































































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Click here to see the Printing Samples


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